Bee Bop Café was founded in 2013 by the Plovdiv´s musicians Miroslav Turiiski, Nikolay Karageorgiev and Ivan Nedelev with the intention to create a jazz scene in Plovdiv.
It quickly established as a cultural center, with a lot of concerts, theater performances and exhibitions, which attracts a select, elite audience.
"Bee Bop Càfe" emerged as the preferred club scene in Plovdiv, and according to some jazz musicians played on it, this is “the most cozy and comfortable jazz scene in Bulgaria”.
Since stylistic range of jazz is extremely wide, the audience here has the possibility to enjoy musicians, actors and artists with diverse spirit. In the short time since its opening, the club hosted a concert of world-famous musicians, including Giermo Rubalcaba, Hector Martinyon, Juan Garcia-Hereros, Theodosii Spassov, Milcho Leviev and more.